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Titan II®  
Titan II®
The Titan II® is a true three phase power system with distribution that will support 480/208/240 VAC input requirements. The Titan II® Power System consists of modular rectifiers, rectifier bays, modular distribution bays, and a Control and Supervisory Unit (CSU). Up to twelve Titan II® 7200 rectifiers can be installed in each rectifier bay and up to seven (7) rectifier bays with one (1) primary distribution bay and three (3) secondary distribution bays can be installed in a single system. The rectifiers provide a nominal output of -54.2 VDC to power DC loads and maintain fully charged batteries.

The system is monitored and controlled by the CSU which is mounted in the primary rectifier bay (bulk systems) or in the primary distribution bay (systems with DC distribution). Rectifier/system status, voltage and current settings, and alarms are all viewed/modified at the CSU. The CSU also has an interface to the Remote Monitoring System (RMS) software package used for remote or local monitoring and control via a laptop computer or serial transmission to a workstation. Remote monitoring can also be accomplished over the network via a webpage and/or integral SNMP client.
  • Telecom central offices
  • Data centers
  • Ferro-replacement
  • Constant rectifier power output, 7200W per rectifier
  • Low THD, high efficiency
  • Hot-swappable
  • 208/240 or 480 Vrms input (phase to phase), wide input range
  • Integrated breaker/fuse protection
  • Individual back-lit LCD status display
  • Individual (per rectifier) AC feed or Single (per bay) AC feed
  • Back-lit LCD CSU display
  • DC Distribution via GJ1 type breakers, or TPL fuses
  • Up to 10,000 Amps of system capacity
  • Configurable monitoring and alarming
  • Up to 20 user configurable alarm relay outputs (10 for bulk systems)
  • Up to 8 "relay closure" user inputs (4 for bulk systems)
  • Remote monitoring via webpage and SNMP